Self Watering Plant Pots

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Self Watering Plant Pots: The saucers at the bottom of the plastic plant pots is specially designed for water storage, the cotton rope absorbs the water into the soil for the plant to use, the drainage hole at the bottom of the plant pots can keep the air permeability of the plant root to obtain required moisture, and needn't worry about water shortages even when traveling or business trips.

Creative Watering Lip Designs: Removable watering lip design allows you to water in two ways - watering from the bottom directly and protecting the plants from over-watering. Or watering from the top, the excess water will drip into the bottom reservoir for storage,water in a reservoir can provide plants for more than 10-15 days need, no more worry your plants will get dry when you are out of home for travel or business. and the bottom reservoir protects the carpet and indoor/windowsill surface.

Modern Minimalist Design: Modern and stylish minimalist style. These planters are the perfect decoration for places like living room, bedroom, kitchen, windowsill, desk, office and garden. Hanging with a lace plant hanger is also a great decoration.

Premium Plastic Plant Pots:The flower pot is made of 4mm thick polypropylene, which is strong, lightweight and not easy to deform or break. This perfect looking and functional pot is the perfect gift for those who grow herbs, orchids, cacti, aloe vera, bonsai, flowers, snake plants and more.

Note: Plants are not included.

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