Seaweed Straw Flowerpot

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Name: Seaweed Straw Flowerpot

Function: Natural plant material, prepared by hand, can be used as: home decoration, gardening decoration, etc. it has a variety of uses, is very environmentally friendly and will not do any harm to the environment. Please rest assured to buy and use it

Material: Grass items

Size: Different styles and sizes are different, which is consistent with those provided in the picture

Note: There will be some deformation during transportation. This is a normal phenomenon. If you open it by hand or other items, it can return to its original appearance. Please contact us in time for other problems
The flower basket is a handmade product with large volume, so it may be deformed during transportation, but it will not affect the use. Please note that the shape will be restored after placing for a period of time. Don't buy if you mind
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