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Petsboro™ Ultrasonic Pet Bark Stopper

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  • Fast & Effective Behavior Control
  • Ideal For All Breeds and Sizes
  • Control Range up to 35ft
  • Pocket-sized for Portability
  • Rechargeable Long-Lasting Battery

Stop Your Dog's Frenzy in Seconds

No yelling or swatting necessary; with ease, just point at the dog and effortlessly press the button! Enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness firsthand.

Easily Controls and Trains Dogs To Behave

Petsboro™ Stops unwanted behaviors with its high-frequency sound cues. Your dog learns to associate the sound with bad behavior, leading to positive change.

Pain-Free & Effective Obedience

With TrueHush's ultrasonic technology, grab your dog's attention and secure obedience to your commands, without the painful electric shocks that yield no results.

Ditch The Painful and Ineffective Shock Collars

Move beyond shock collars that only escalate frenzy. Our proven ultrasonic technology provides an effective bark deterrent.

Quickly Corrects Unwanted Behaviors

End your dog's frenzy in seconds! Our solution emits a high-frequency sound in response to unwanted behaviors like excessive barking or jumping.

Long-range Effectiveness, Reaching up to 35ft.

Instant Calm at The Touch of a Button.

Maximize training success with our all-in-one system: 3x more effective than competitors. Take control with 3-tiered process: stop chases, eliminate barking, deter with light.

Loved By Thousands! ❤️

Months of Training with One Charge

Rapid 2-hour charge lasts up to 2 months. Skip the hassle of constant charging with our fast-charging, long-lasting deterrent.

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