LED Movement Detector

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Luxury lighting but above all very easy to install?
Our sticky LEDs are made for you!

We have designed our new model to bring simplicity and quality to our customers.
Our LEDs stick directly to all types of facades desired without having to do any work there!

With two color ranges available, our LEDs capture distances over 3 meters and with an angle of up to 120°.

They only light up at night (or in a dark environment)

Our LEDs go out 15 seconds after inactivity.

You can place them wherever you want but above all remove them and place them in a new place thanks to their special hanging system!

Notice: Battery Style dose not include the battery. You need to prepare 4 AAA batteries by youself.

Don't put 2 LED lights too close. One light may cause the other not to turn on if they are too close.
Charging mode Connect the charging port of the product to the USB port of the computer or the 500 mA (or 1000 mA) charger via the USB cable .
The red indicator light on the product is charging, green indicates that the battery is full.

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