Earwax Deposition Is the Cause of Your Hearing Loss... This Innovative Ear Cleaner Has WiFi Connectivity and Wireless Camera!

You will be able to groom your sound holes with live video of the inside of your ears streamed to your smartphone!

I don't want to talk about my earwax problem. It’s actually a very disgusting topic. I hated using cotton swabs when I was young. I pressed it too hard once, fearing that I would be numb. My mother said it was too painful for me at 5 years old that I couldn't help crying for a few days.

After many years, I finally tried to use the cotton swab again. Why did I return to the cotton swab? I thought I was in danger of losing my hearing.

I haven't cleaned my ear canal for so many years, and my ears have accumulated so much earwax that I started to have hearing problems. This is what my doctor told me. In addition, I started to hear ringing in my ears, and as a result I had tinnitus.

However, the use of cotton swabs will only make the situation worse. I didn’t know that cotton swabs are generally not good for cleaning ears. They only push the wax farther and make hearing harder and harder.

To be honest, that was the worst moment of my life. I tried sprays, pumps, different types of cotton swabs, etc. My problem only became bigger. I started to see the doctor often because it didn't help. I don't have enough money to pay for my surgery. This is devastating.

Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner Saved Me

One morning, I was browsing some pages. Suddenly, this thing called Hilipert caught my attention. Of course, I usually don’t watch ads, but at the time I was just desperately at a loss, so I decided to give it a shot.

Obviously, Hilipert is a small tool that can grab and pull out earwax instead of pushing it farther like a cotton swab. It’s a Wireless Ear Wax Remover Otoscope, with magnifying Wi-Fi camera, that streams to the slightly crude but very functional app on my phone.

And now I have super human hearing. I can hear things that I didn't know made sounds, like socks on tile, my daughter quietly clicking her teeth while she reads...

See The Inside Of Your Ears In Real-time

Just download and install the App "Yiduo Visual" in the app store on your phone, and then connect the Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner with your phone. I followed the steps on the instruction and my ear canal is clearly shown on my phone!

It does take a little practice and very steady hand but it gets deep enough to clean full ear canal without causing pain or injury.

It was best to break the wax up some by using Peroxide first. Took about 30 straight minutes but all wax is gone. Including a huge ball in the back of my canal!

I just spent an hour with this releasing horrors from my ears that I can't even begin to describe, and it may be the most satisfying thing I've experienced since I first climbed the rope in gym class in third grade!

This Is The New Way To Safely Clean Your Ears

Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner is a soft silica gel ear spoon that is gentle on the most delicate ears. The best part is, armed with 3 million pixels and 3.9 mm lens, Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner makes ‘blind cleaning' a thing of the past.

It also has a powerful WIFI chip HD transmission, so the live video of your ears stream to your smartphone clearly and without lag.

One thing is certain: once you've tried Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner, you'll never use another cotton swab in your life.

What's So Great About Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner?

✅  Safe and easy to use

Visualize ear wax removal while pulling every last bit of earwax out! Its 360°Wide Angle & 1080P FHD Video Image prevent you from overextending and injuring your eardrum.

✅  User-friendly Design

Sleek, all-aluminum construction with anti-slip design. Controlled temperature so that it won't burn your ear canal. (22°C Otoscope temperature, 25°C Palm temperature)

✅  Innovative Hall switch

The wireless otoscope adopts a magnetic cap design, turn it on by opening the cap, and it will automatically turn off when the cap is closed.

✅  6 powerful accessories

6 spoons with different sizes(for kids and adults) to select.

✅  Eco-friendly

Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner comes with 6 reusable heads. One device will last a lifetime and can be used by the whole family. Built-in Battery 350 mAh battery that offers 1.5 hours of use on a single charge.

✅  Recommended by Doctor Professionals

As a Pen Sized and Weighted product design, which is small in doctor or nurse's pocket and easy to use for ear camera and wax remover, Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner has FDA, FCC, SGS, CE mark approved.

Throw away Your Old Cotton Bud QTips - Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner Is The New Way To Safely Clean Your Ears!

Conclusion: Should You Get It?

Do you want clean ears? Do you want to not pierce your eardrum by accident? Then Yes. The Safe Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner is the best and safest way to clean your ears and if you're still pushing little wooden sticks into your ear canal, I’m begging you to stop hurting yourself and get this amazing product! And do try to catch the sale while it's still going!

How To Get One For Yourself?

If they're still in stock, here's how to get yours:

1. Order Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner from the official website by clicking this link.

2. Stop risking ear damage when cleaning your ears.

It's time you make the switch!

Martha P.

So much better than any silly wooden cotton stick! Keeping my ears clean was always such a literal pain that I’m never letting go of my Hilipert Visual Ear Cleaner! You won’t regret this, it’s the best thing since sliced bread!


Peter D.

I don’t usually take the time to write these but I just had to say that I have 2 kids and I really care about their hygiene but it’s impossible to do that when they’re absolutely terrified and try to wriggle away at any opportunity. They just love this new thing and are now eagerly lining up for their weekly cleanup.


Georgia L.

I never really noticed how dirty my ears were until I got white earbuds. I paid so much for them just to have them permanently colored with wax. I started trying different ear cleaning solutions but they hurt so bad. Then somebody I follow on IG showcased this awesome little device and I was immediately hooked, no more yellow-brown colored earbuds.

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